Major Bug Found in Windows 7 RTM Build

Paul Lilly

For the most part, Windows 7 has been met with considerable praise from those who have given the beta and RC releases a spin, but all those good vibes are in jeopardy following the discovery of a major bug. According to DailyTech, RTM build 7600.16385 suffers from a "massive" memory leak in the frequently used chkdsk.exe application.

The bug rears its ugly head when scanning a second hard disk on a non-boot partition or second physical drive using the "/r" parameter. Doing so triggers a nasty memory leak, with the term "leak" being used loosely. Some users have reported the dreaded blue screen of death, while others note a memory usage of about 98 percent within seconds of running the app, but without the system crash.

DailyTech says the bug has been confirmed on a variety of hardware configurations, including netbooks and Core 2 Duo notebooks, and it affects both 32-bit and 64-bit versions.

Steven Sinofsky, president of Microsoft's Windows division, downplayed the bug saying :

"In this case, we haven’t reproduced the crash and we’re not seeing any crashes with chkdsk on the stack reported in any measurable number that we could find. We had one beta report on the memory usage, but that was resolved by design since we actually did design it to use more memory. But the design was to use more memory on purpose to speed things up, but never unbounded — we request the available memory and operate within that leaving at least 50M of physical memory. Our assumption was that using /r means your disk is such that you would prefer to get the repair done and over with rather than keep working."

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