Mainstream Support for Windows Vista Ends Today

Pulkit Chandna

Over the weekend, Microsoft began a two-year countdown to the extinction of Windows XP (end of Extended Support), encouraging XP holdouts to move to Windows 7. Now it’s the turn of Vista holdouts to seriously contemplate upgrading to Windows 7, for today (April 10, 2012) is the last day of the hugely unpopular XP successor’s mainstream support phase. Hit the jump for more.

But if you are an ardent Vista loyalist, there is no need to be overly alarmed. The end of mainstream support does not mean the end of all support, and you can continue using your favorite operating system just as you’ve done over the years -- even at the risk of seriously imperiling your social acceptability -- for a few more years.

On Wednesday, Vista will enter its five-year extended support period , during which it will continue to receive free security updates. So what’s the difference, you might ask? Well, non-security updates will no longer be free, and will require the purchase of an “extended hotfix agreement” within the first 90 days of the extended support period.

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