Maingear's Nvidia Battlebox Titan Z PC Line Starts at $2,999

Paul Lilly

Undercutting the competition

Nvidia has partnered with various system builders to equip their current rigs with at least one GeForce Titan Z graphics card and rebrand them as Battleboxes, Maingear being one of them. Unlike ones we've already seen, however, Maingear's Battlebox Titan Z PCs are a little more cost friendly , with the least expensive model (Vybe) starting at $2,999. Battlebox configurations are also available on Maingear's F131 and Shift starting at $3,199 and $3,499, respectively.

"The new Maingear Battlebox Titan Z PCs offer a great value with optimal performance with the Titan Z card, if someone has been waiting to get PC their Titan Z pc, any of these PC are great options," said Wallace Santos, CEO and founder of Maingear.

As the Titan Z is capable of gaming at a 4K resolution, you can add an Asus 28-inch 4K monitor to each configuration. Doing so would bring the starting price up to $3,698 for the Vybe, $3,898 for the F131, and $4,198 for the Shift. With or without the monitor, each system comes with an extended two year warranty.

Bear in mind that these are starting prices. Plenty of upgrades are available for each model. You can check them all out here .

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