Maingear Trumpets "EPIC" Cooling System

Paul Lilly

Self-contained liquid cooling units are all the rage these days, especially when you shop a prebuilt rig from a boutique system builder. Underscoring this fact, Maingear, the high-end custom PC builder from New Jersey, just announced the release of its "EPIC" ( E nhanced P erformance I nter C ooler) liquid cooling setups by CoolIT for the company's entire line of desktops.

According to Maingear, the EPIC line of CPU cooling systems are the first of their kind. Designed to tackle performance, loudness, and durability, the Maingear EPIC 180 liquid cooling system comes with a gigantic 180mm radiator that purportedly offers 20 percent cooler temperatures than that of a 120mm radiator.

"It outperforms all high end air coolers on the market today and goes toe to toe with hand build liquid cooling solutions," Maingear says.

More than just a big radiator, CoolIT equipped the EPIC 180 with a redesigned cold plate and pump for quieter operation.

"By increasing fin density, the development of the split flow liquid path allowed the flow rate to stay up while keeping the pumping power low and the overall size of the pump/cold plate module extremely compact," Maingear says. "And more efficient cooling means better overclocks, and we like that."

Sounds groovy, but you'll have to buy an entire system to get your hands on one. The EPIC 180 is only available on Maingear's Shift desktop, which starts at $1,970 (with EPIC 180).

Image Credit: Maingear

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