Maingear Now Makes an 'Epic' Thermal Paste

Paul Lilly

It hasn't even been a full month since we ran our massive thermal paste roundup in which we tested 17 premium tubes of goo to find out if your choice of paste makes a lick of difference (it does), and wouldn't you know it, there's a brand new thermal paste that enters the fray today. It's from Maingear, the boutique system builder based in New Jersey, and it's supposedly up to three times better than the best silver-filled greases.

Maingear describes its new Epic T1000 thermal paste as an ultra-performing phase change metal alloy thermal interface material (TIM) with high bulk conductivity.

"The Epic T1000 is unmatched by any other materials except solders, and unlike solders, the Epic T1000 can be used between materials without matching Coefficients of Thermal Expansion (CTEs) such as between silicon dies and metal heat sinks," Maingear explains . "With the big reduction in thermal resistance EPIC T1000 provides, the demands on heat sinks and fans are relaxed, leading to many desirable results: decreased costs, quieter operation, and form-factor reductions."

Maingear says its Epic T1000 paste allows you to reach maximum thermal conductivity with zero cure time, so you can slap it on your CPU and start overclocking like a banshee right off the bat.

Installation is a bit different than with your average thermal paste. There's a liner that needs to be installed on your CPU, along with a re-flow process, all of which LegitReviews detailed in a nifty YouTube video here .

The Maingear Epic T1000 kit comes with a pair of Nitrile gloves, a bottle of cleaning solution, two lint-free wipes, a three-page instruction manual, and two CPU specific installation liners. Prices are as follows:

  • Intel socket 1155/1155: $20
  • Intel socket 2011: $30
  • AMD -- all open lid: $20

Image Credit: Maingear

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