Maingear Adds GTX 675M GPU, 3D Display Options To Titan 17 Gaming Notebook

Brad Chacos

When we reviewed the Maingear Titan 17 last year, we noted that the high-end gaming laptop crushed 3D benchmarks and wallets alike. Maingear just announced a couple of new updates to the notebook that help to keep up both of those proud traditions: moving forward, buyers have the option of adding Nvidia GTX 675M mobile graphics cards and an Nvidia 3D Vision display (or both!) to the portable powerhouse.

"The newly updated MAINGEAR Titan 17 is the ultimate desktop replacement for anyone looking to get the most out of their entertainment or heavy graphics design work on the go." Maingear CEO Wallace Santos said in a press release. "With the update to the graphics and offering a 3D display option, the Titan 17 is destined to be a non-stop entertainment notebook for high performance users on the go."

"Non-stop" might be a bit of a stretch, seeing as how the original Titan 17 only lasted 36 minutes in our DVD test, but there's no denying that this Maingear monstrosity packs a heck of a lot of desktop-like punch into a mobile system. While the 3D capabilities are new to the Titan, keep in mind that the GTX 675M is basically a rebranded 580M (which was already available in the Titan), right down to its Fermi-based architecture. In fact, while the GTX 675M is selected by default when configuring a new Titan 17, it's still called the 580M in the graphics specs.

Head on over to the Titan 17 page on the Maingear website if you want to try your hand at configuring a behemoth of your own. Prices start at $2,600, and the 3D tech will cost another $230 -- though Maingear tosses in Battlefield 3, Just Cause 2, Batman: Arkham City and ground shipping free of cost.

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