Mafia II Breaks World Record for Most F-Bombs Dropped in a Game

Nathan Grayson

If your virgin ears are loathe to walk the darker alleys of the English language, modern videogames might not be to your liking. But there’s regular videogame cursing, and then there’s the overachievers. The A students. The ones who find even the “explicit” versions of songs to be tame, and the clean versions to be almost completely inaudible – like a dog whistle to human ears. And then, leading them, you have Mafia II.

Right now, Guinness World Records accepts that the game contains over 200 uses of the dreaded, yet oddly versatile word. However, that number will soon become more exact, because – as Guinness told Joystiq – “2K have promised to supply us with a copy of the game's full script under NDA so we can count the number of f-bombs ourselves and update the record with a complete figure."

Previously, sadly underrated Wii light-gun shooter House of the Dead: Overkill took home the gold-plated trophy of a certain finger-based rude gesture with 189 instances of the F-bomb.

So yeah, it’s probably a good idea to keep this one away from the kids. You know, since the blood, organized crime, hard M-rating, and authentic Playboy Magazine covers weren’t already enough of an indicator.

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