Madden NFL 13 Predicts Ravens Over 49ers in Super Bowl

Paul Lilly

EA's Madden NFL franchise has correctly picked the Super Bowl winner seven out of the past nine times.

We don't buy into the notion that video games lead to violence, but saying the Baltimore Ravens will beat the San Francisco 49ers in the the Super Bowl? Well, in Silicon Valley, those are fighting words. Be that as it may, EA's Madden NFL 13 game, powered by an Xbox 360 console, predicted the Ravens will emerge victorious over the 49ers in a thrilling 27-24 contest, proving that they were a team of destiny.

Of course, it's not really going to go down that way, says me, a bitter New England Patriots fan who's now pulling for the 49ers. But I digress; this is about EA's simulation, and here's something 49er fans should be worried about. Over the past nine seasons, EA's Madden NFL game has been wrong just twice, incorrectly picking the Patriots to beat the Giants in 2008 (I'm still bitter about that one, too), and pegging the Steelers to beat the Packers in 2011.

"The EA Sports Madden NFL Super Bowl Prediction continues to be one of the most accurate prognosticators of the NFL’s biggest game," EA said in a statement. "The prediction has accurately called seven of the last nine Super Bowls, and was two points away from predicting the exact final score of the 2009 matchup between the Steelers and Cardinals."

In case you're wondering, Madden NFL 13 is available now for $60 on the Xbox 360, Wii U, and PlayStation 3, for $50 on the Wii, and for $40 on the PlayStation Vita.

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