MadCatz Announces FREQ 5 Gaming Headset With Cyborg-esque Styling

Brad Chacos

When is a gaming peripheral not a peripheral? When it’s an accessory. Peripheral maker MadCatz is hoping that fashion-conscious gamers will want to accessorize their accessories this spring when the company launches its new FREQ 5 gaming headset, which  were specifically designed to match the look of its Cyborg line of products (like those nifty Cyborg RATs). What, looks alone don’t do it for you? Don’t worry – it looks like the FREQ 5 will also include all the bells and whistles needed to make a kick-ass gaming headset.

MadCatz tossed out a press release, but the FREQ 5’s product page ponies up a lot more details. The closed-ear headset will sport “lightweight metal components” and a pair of 50mm neodymium drivers. A pair? Yep, this bad boy’s stereo sound only. Volume and equalizer controls sit on the outside of the cans.

The removable mic includes noise-cancelling technology so that your virtual buddies can hear you over the general din of a LAN party. Or, if you’re more the silent type, there’s a red LED at the tip of the mic that lights up when you’re muted. The FREQ 5 comes with both a 1-meter-long 3.5mm cord and a 2-meter-long USB cord, which you can quickly swap out if you want to use the headset with your MP3 player or smartphone instead of getting your game on.

No word on a release date, but you can preorder a pair now for $100.

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