Mad Catz Tritton 720+ 7.1 Surround Headset Coming to PC



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John Pombrio

I wish posters would distinguish "virtual" surround sound vs real surround sound. My Cooler Master Storm headsets do actual 5.1 surround sound (except for the woofer mind) and the difference is telling. there really IS a sound from behind me when there is supposed to be one in ALL games and movies. I have never been impressed by virtual audio surround since it came out 10 years ago or more.



I bought the "original version" of this headset and it does have support for pc.(even stated in the instructions)
These are not worth their 129.99 usd price tag.
for the surround to work you need a chip capable of decoding encoding DTS Audio (which is rare for onboard audio) to use the included decoder you need SPDIF which again is "nice" but ineffective. the decoder itself got three modes: gaming, music and no EQ if you have the required DTS codec the gaming EQ will work, but if there are two sound sources at a time the audio becomes faded and the directional audio goes out the window.

Audio quality is fine but lower than expected for its price.

now if you want "surround sound" you might as well go for a good pair of sennheiser and a sound card such as the D2X and get properly working virtual surround sound.



How efficient are these USB sound setups vs my cheapy on-board sound?

Part of me wants a surround sound headphone setup that plugs into the actual speaker outputs on my motherboard, but another part of me realizes how much of a PITA that would be (must unplug to use actual speakers). Ambivalence: I has it.



The thing with USB sound is that it is its own soundcard. This may have "meh" mixing over what you have onboard your motherboard.

Just get a bunch of Y splitters, they're a few bucks at worst on Amazon



I have found that with my USB headsets directional sound is harder to tell. With analog i have a better idea where people are coming from.



Well I don't want to recommend any sort of headset, since if any one pops in here they will begin to freak about USB headsets and begin bashing. What I could suggest if you were to take up all the audio ports of the motherboard for a surround sound headset, then you can then just get a line in usb audio adapter for your secondary set of speakers, eliminating the process of reaching over to unplug and plug in.