Mad Catz Introducing Tritton Pro+ Gaming Headset



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@ HouseFoxx


Problem is, most gaming folks do not want to spend more than $100-200 dollars on a pair of cans. Too bad, they don't know what they are missing in regards to sound quality, sound stage, versatility and comfort.



I could not agree with you more.. I owned a pair of Tritton(360) a few years back.. They were good headset but only if you directly connected them to a sound card in a computer.. the Dolby Digital box that comes with the head phones that has optical connections (5.1 DD)is god awful and when used with the Xbox 360 the directional audio is horrible. The Triton lasted 2 years and the hinges failed and became unusable.. I have since purchased a pair of Audio-Technica ATH-M50 for use in FPS games on the computer.. The directional audio is ridiculously good and in certain games gives you a true edge on the competition.. the beauty is these are great with music as-well where as my Tritton's were just loud and had no detail and ridiculously loud and obnoxious bass.. All in all don't buy into the Pro+ marketing its just a bunch of crap behind a flashy enclosure..



I am going to pile right on here. I had a pair of Tritons as well, the 3D something or others. While I had them, they were relatively good headphones that produced reasonable directional sound for gaming.... they were not great for much else. The removable mic stopped working after about 8 months, and the entire headset crapped out not much later. I definitely didn't feel like I got my money's worth.



I own a pair of Sennheiser HD 518s, and upon trying various kinds of gaming headsets designed for positional audio, I was blown away with how crappy positional audio is in almost every headset ever compared to any non-shitty open-back regular headphone. The ironic thing is that this is especially true with headsets that have more than one speaker.
Guys, if you really want the best quality "3D" audio experience, just look up any headphone from Head-Fi, HeadRoom, etc. that has reviews that mention "great soundstage" and just add a good quality mic (MaxPC just did a great article on mics that you can attach to your headphones) to the setup with a good quality USB Mixamp (the Astro is fine in this category, though expensive) and not only will your components be modular (allowing for easy upgradability) but even if you only spend the same on your setup as you would if you bought a high quality headset, you could -easily- make it sound better.

2 high quality drivers in a good enclosure is better than 6 shitty drivers in a shitty enclosure for every application.