Mad Catz Sets the Bar (and the Price) Pretty High for PC Flight Sticks

Justin Kerr

Saitek and Mad Catz have teamed up to create a next generation flight stick, but with a $400 price tag, and more buttons than a stealth bomber, only the most hardcore flight sim fans need apply. The X65F itself more closely mirrors the controls of a modern military aircraft because it responds to applied pressure, while still remaining fixed to the base.

The boys over at ars technica describe the feel of the X65F as “a heavy piece of metal in your hand- you won’t have to worry about keeping the stick steady or moving it around while you play-and after a while it simply feels as if the controls are reacting to your thoughts”.

This sounds like a great investment for PC flight sim fans, but with the death of the Microsoft Flight Simulator series , one wonders how big the market for this really is. It’s not like most people are going to be using this with Hawx are they?

Anyone out there interested?

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