Mad Catz Cyborg MMO 7 Mouse Now Available

Brad Chacos

Having trouble swinging your lightsaber while simultaneously casting Force Lightning and juggling the gear you've taken from the cold, dead bodies of Sith Lords across The Old Republic? Fear not, Padawan; Mad Catz's most ridiculous mouse yet, the Cyborg MMO 7, may just be the peripheral you need to cure screen-shuffle-it is. The 13 programmable buttoned beast went up for sale today.

We've already given you a brief glimpse of the Cyborg MMO 7 (just click the link for more details and a slew of pics), but here's a quick recap: in addition to those 13 programmable buttons, the MMO 7 includes a shift button and a three toggle mode, 78 custom bindings per profile, a 6400 DPI sensor, weights you can add or remove to make the mouse heavier, and a unique "Action Lock" mode that can lock the left and right mouse buttons into an "Up" or "Down" state, so you won't have to physically hold the right-button down to run across the land.

Like we said before, the Mad Catz's website is taking orders now if the Cyborg MMO 7 sounds like your cup of tea. Thanks to The Verge for pointing out the mouse's availability !

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