LulzSec Takes On The CIA

Brad Chacos

We've always known Maximum PC readers hold mastery over the technical realm – but new evidence shows that at least one may hold mastery over all things mental as well. Just a few hours ago, in response to news that those affable LulzSec hackers opened a request hotline , RUSENSITIVESWEETNESS posted the following psychic burst: "They should target the CIA or FBI... Do it. Go after the CIA or FBI, geniuses."

Well, um, they did.

Around 3 P.M. Pacific Time, the group Tweeted "Tango down – – for the lulz." Cnet's reporting that about 20 minutes after the post, the CIA's public-facing website was indeed down for the count and returning error messages. We're penning this article about two hours after the initial tweet, and the website seems to be back up and running.

It remains to be seen whether or not LulzSec's backsides are in jeopardy, as RUSENSITIVESWEETNESS suggested they would be if the group attacked the CIA head-on. One thing's for certain; between LulzSec's hack of the US Senate's servers over the weekend and this CIA smack down, expect the government to take a long, deep look for the masterminds behind the monocle-sporting man in the black high-top hat.

Oh, LulzSec took down, too. Why? Because "they wouldn't tell us how magnets worked," the group Tweeted .

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