LulzSec Hackers Receive Prison Sentences for Cyber Hijinks

Paul Lilly

They did the crimes, now they'll do the time.

It's not always true that crime doesn't pay, because if that's the way it was, there would be a lot less people breaking the law. The problem for criminals is that payback's a bitch if you get caught, as did several LulzSec (Lulz Security) members who fessed up to hacking various companies and organizations, such as Sony, 20th Century Fox, Nintendo, and even the CIA, to name just a few of their targets.

Following a trial overseas, three of the individuals received prison sentences on Thursday in London, ITPRO reports . Ryan "DDoS King" Clearly, 21, Ryan "kayla" Ackroyd, 26, and Jake "Topiary" Davis, 20, were sentenced to 32 months, 30 months, and 20 months behind bars, respectively. Mustafa "tflow" Al-Bassam, 18, was handed a 20-month suspended sentence.

LulzSec wreaked quite a bit of havoc during the high point of the organization's hacking spree.

"In essence they were the worst sort of vandal, acting without care of cost or harm to those they affected, whether this was to cause a company to fold and so costing people their jobs, or to put at threat the thousands of innocent internet users whose logins and passwords they made public," said Detective Superintendent Charlie McMurdie, head of the British Police Central e-Crime Unit. "Today's convictions should serve as a deterrent to others who use the Internet to commit cyber attacks."

All four individuals had previously pleaded guilty to conspiring to do an unauthorized act to impair the operation of a computer or computers. It could have been worse, however, as they ducked charges of conspiracy to perform distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks against Westboro Baptist Church, Sony, Bethesda, Eve Online, the CIA, and a few other organizations.

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