LulzSec Franchise Opens in Brazil, Takes Down Government Sites

Ryan Whitwam

If you thought one LulzSec was one too many, get ready for your worst nightmare. A new Brazilian faction of the now infamous hacker group has begun its own attacks on government sites in Brazil. "Our Brazilian unit is making progress. Well done @LulzSecBrazil, brothers!" LulzSec proper tweeted.

LulzSec Brazil reportedly brought down the Brazilian government site, as well as the site of the President’s office. The successful attacks were announced on Twitter with the traditional LulzSec call of “Tango Down”. LulzSec Brazil has promised more mayhem is to follow today, but we have yet to hear of any significant attacks. The Brazilian arm of Anonymous has also been making some noise in the last 24 hours, possible in response to LulzSec’s attacks.

Both Anonymous and LulzSec in Brazil seem to be protesting, in their own ways, the lack of transparency in the nations government. Brazil is often cited as lacking sufficient protections for free speech. We have to wonder if more LulzSec franchises will pop up around the globe.

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