LucidLogix Receives Funding for Multi-GPU Gaming Studies

Ryan Whitwam

LucidLogix has managed to pull in an additional $8 million of venture capital to continue developing its multi-GPU Hydra products. A Lucid representative said the cash would be used to both accelerate adoption of Hydra, and do new R&D on multi-GPU products. Lucid also took the opportunity to remind us that a new version of the Hydra driver is on the way.

The Hydra system is s system on a chip (SoC) that allows a PC to accept two different GPUs and make use of them for scalable 3D graphics. So instead of needing two identical Nvida cards for SLI, you can use any models (even an ATI card) and see a performance benefit. The upcoming driver update will add DX11 support as well as support for up to three GPUs.

MSI is currently integrating the Hydra SoC into their motherboards and expects to release several mid-range options in the coming months. If this technology takes off, you may never have to wonder what to do with your old video card again, you could just keep using it.

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