Lower-end Asus Eee PCs to Employ Celeron M Processors amid Atom Shortage


Intel Atom sales have defeated the company’s own expectations and put netbook manufacturers like Asus in a quandary. As Intel finds it difficult to meet the staggering demand for the diminutive Atom, Asus has decided that it is going to use the older Celeron M processors in its lower-end Eee PCs. An unnamed source told PC World that Asus Eee 901, 1000 and 1000H models are going to get top priority when it comes to Atom supplies .

This means that the Asus Eee PC 2G, 4G, 900, 900A, 904HD and 1000HD models are going to feature Celeron M processors. However, it needs to be mentioned that some of the above models already employ Celeron processors. By using the cheaper Celeron M processors Asus also intends to keep costs low . According to PC World, Intel expects to catch up with demand by Q3 2008.

Image Credit: UberGizmo

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