Low Cost PC Makers Freaking Out as Windows 8 Nears Release

Paul Lilly

Microsoft has high hopes for Windows 8, the Metro-sexual operating system slated to ship around six months from now. The elephant in the room is Windows 8's Metro user interface and whether or not consumers are ready for such a drastic change to what's been a mostly familiar layout up to this point, and it could be taken as encouraging signs (for Microsoft) that its Developer Preview, Consumer Preview, and Release Preview builds have all seen a high number of downloads. If that's the case, why are some PC makers freaking out?

It has to do with the touchscreen interface. As DigiTimes tells it, notebook vendors are "facing great pressure" to implement costly touchscreens on upcoming notebook models expected to run Windows 8, and by doing so, it could push prices right out of the mainstream sector and obliterate demand.

This is especially true for Ultrabooks, which have struggled to maintain a low price point to begin with. But with Microsoft promoting the touch-friendly interface in Windows 8, notebook and Ultrabook makers have no choice but to bite the bullet and hope for the best.

To make matters worse, notebook vendors reiterate that Intel has been unwilling to budge on CPU prices, a move that could ease the burden on PC makers and ultimately lead to lower priced Ultrabook models.

Will you be willing to pay a little extra coin for a touchscreen notebook/Ultrabook once Windows 8 ships, or are you sitting this next round out?

Image Credit: Flickr (chad050)

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