Low Cost Handset Runs on AAA-Sized Batteries


We've seen increased efforts lately to push greater cell phone adoption into developing nations, and the latest to enter the fray is a low cost handset powered by commonly available AAA-sized batteries . Called the "FrvrOn," short for "forever on," Indian mobile phone company Oliver Telecommunications also outfitted its mobile phone with a rechargeable lithium-ion battery, but has good reason for including an AAA compartment.

"We have electrification all across the country but the power supply is erratic," marketing manager Ravi Perti told AFP. "With our phone, all one needs to do is pack a few extra cells (batteries) if one is traveling in areas where one expects power supply disruptions."

Perti says, the phone can run for up to three hours on the stock lithium-ion battery, and another hour on a single AAA battery.

According to government figures, there are 10,000 impoverished Indian villages with access to grid electricity. Even still, India represents the world's fastest-expanding mobile market, adding an average of 15 million customers every month.

Image Credit: Olive Communications

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