Louis CK Rakes in Over $1 Million from DRM-Free Comedy Special

Ryan Whitwam

As a little update this this season’s feel-good Internet story, comedian Louis CK announced recently that his comedy special “Live at the Beacon Theater” crossed $1 million in revenue in just 12 days. Louis CK opted to sell the video for just $5 online, and included no DRM of any kind. For treating them like grown-ups, the Internet has collectively risen up to give him its money, but he's not keeping all of it.

When users buy the special, they are able to download upto three copies of an un-protected MP4 video at 720p resolution. There is also an HTML5 video stream that can be watched a few times. As for what CK is doing with the money, he explained that $250k is going to expenses, $250K will also go to bonuses for the crew that helped him make the video, and the next $280k is going to several charities. That leaves Louis CK with $220,000 for himself, which he says is plenty.

This may have started as a grand experiment, but its overwhelming success could convince more beloved Internet personalities to do something similar. Louis CK also pointed out in his statement that the video is still on sale, and if he makers more money, more of it will go to charity.

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