Lots of Tablets (but No Apple) at CES

Paul Lilly

Without a doubt, tablet computing is the single hottest tech trend right now, just as the same could be said about netbooks a couple of years ago. And with the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) just days away, the frenzy has yet to begin.

Apple, the company largely (and some would argue solely ) responsible for this latest fad won't be in attendance at CES, as "Apple itself doesn't do trade shows," according to the Associated Press . Apple's absence from CES will be an interesting one, given that the iPad is, at least for now, the tablet to beat.

While Apple won't be there, plenty of other companies will be, and we expect tablets to be the main focus (last year it was 3D displays). Acer, Dell, and Motorola are just a few of the ones we expect to show off new slates, and according to DisplaySearch, there are around a hundred different tablet models in development right now, some of which are destined to flop.

"For the next year or two, we expect there to be a lot of false starts, failed attempts, and disasters," DisplaySearch analyst Richard Shim predicts.

That's certainly been the case so far, though there have also been some promising releases, like Samsung's Galaxy Tab.

Is there any particularly tablet (RIM's PlayBook, perhaps) that you're most looking forward to? Which company do you think has the best shot at dethroning the iPad?

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