Los Angeles Restaurant Deducts 5 Percent for Patrons Who Put Away Their Phones

Paul Lilly

When I was growing up, I knew better than to wear a baseball cap at the dinner table and risk the wrath of my mother, a woman of Italian descent who could cook up a storm and asked (demanded, really) proper manners in return. To this day I won't wear a hat at a dinner table, even if is socially acceptable on a casual basis, but I have been known to whip out my smartphone for one reason or another, a practice my mother would have also banned if they were around when I was growing up, and one that can result in a higher dinner bill.

According to a CNN Money report , Eva Restaurant in Los Angeles will deduct 5 percent from your dinner bill if you forego Facebooking and hand your mobile phone to the receptionist before sitting down to eat.

"Eva is really about family and being at home. That's what we want to exemplify," Mark Gold, a chef who runs the restaurant with his wife, Alejandra, told CNN Money .

Gold says his discount policy is something patrons "get really enthusiastic about" and estimates that as many as half of his customers take him up on the offer. There are other restaurants in the area that encourage cell phone abstinence while eating, but his is the first to offer a discount.

What do you think, would you be willing to hand off your cell phone for a 5 percent discount on your dinner bill?

Image Credit: Flickr (Jen DI)

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