Lore Geek Outsmarts WoW Creators, Gets Rewarded with His Own In-Game Character

Nathan Grayson

There are fans, and then there are frothy mouthed disciples. And then, about 100 links above them on the devotion food chain, there's this kid – or, as the Internet has dubbed him, “ Red Shirt Guy .” If you're not a fan of watching videos – because, let's face it, those newfangled camera-majigs are probably coming up with new ways to steal your soul as we speak – here's the short version:

During a panel at BlizzCon, Red Shirt Guy approached Blizzard Loremaster Chris Metzen with a question about a Warcraft character named “Falstad Wildhammer.” In response, Metzen said he thought Wildhammer had kicked the bucket, only to have Red Shirt Guy cooly explain that Wildhammer is, in fact, alive and kicking according to the game's lore.

Now, slightly more than a week later, WoW's Council of Three Hammers has a newcomer in its ranks . Standing next to the very much alive Falstad Wildhammer is a short, red-shirted dwarf called “Wildhammer Fact Checker.” Congratulations, Red Shirt Guy. Until the far-off day when Blizzard pulls the plug on WoW's servers, consider yourself immortalized.

Still though, we can't help but feel a bit left out here. After all, it's our career to question game developers at every turn and generally make their lives unbearable. Where's our videogame character, huh?

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