Looking for a Job? Microsoft Now Hiring for Retail Stores


If you live near Scottsdale, AZ or Mission Viejo, CA, you can get a job working for Microsoft and all the bragging rights that go along with it. Or at least you'll probably be eligible for a discount on Microsoft products, since the job openings are for the upcoming first two Microsoft Retail Stores.

"We're looking for new store employees who love technology and teaching and helping others," Microsoft wrote in a 'JobsBlog' post. "In particular, we're looking for people with technical backgrounds who can help customers choose the best Microsoft products and services for their needs and troubleshoot any technical issue they may have."

Several positions are available -- reference the list here - from a part time 'Retail Customer Service Associate' to a full time 'Retail Assistant Store Manager,' and none of them sound as cool as the titles Apple gives its employees ("Genius," "Concierge," "Personal Shopping Assistant").

If you don't live in either of the two areas where openings are available but have waited all your life to hawk Microsoft's wares, just be patient - other store locations will soon follow.

Image Credit: crainium.net

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