LogMeIn Ends Free Ride, Gives Users 7 Days' Notice to Subscribe or Scram

Paul Lilly

LogMeIn no longer welcomes freeloaders

We hate to be the bearer of bad news, but LogMeIn today decided it no longer wants to offer a free tier for its popular remote access software. Instead, LogMeIn is transitioning to a paid-only program starting this month, with current freeloading users receiving a 7-day grace period to pony up for a subscription plan that begins the next time you sign in to your LogMeIn service.

"In order to address the evolving needs of our customers, we will be unifying our portfolio of free and premium remote access products into a paid-only offering. We believe this offering to be the best premium desktop, cloud and mobile access experience available in the market today," LogMeIn states in a related FAQ .

Subscriptions to LogMeIn include remote access to two or more computers (depending on which plan you choose), along with access to mobile apps for Android and iOS. All users who subscribe to a LogMeIn Pro plan will also be upgraded to premium remote access features like remote printing, cloud sync, and more, LogMeIn says .

Unfortunately, plans are billed on an annual basis rather than monthly, which makes them kind of pricey. Your options include:

  • Pro for Individuals (access up to 2 PCs): $99/year
  • Pro for Power Users (access up to 5 PCs): $249/year
  • Pro for Small Businesses (access up to 10 PCs): $449/year

If you've been rocking a free account, you're eligible for special introductory pricing that drops the cost down to $49/year for Individuals, $129/year for Power Users, and $229/year for Small Businesses.

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