Logitech's Wireless All-in-One Keyboard TK820 Sports a Giant Touchpad



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I want one of these for my hometheater room pc.



It seems to have similarities to laptop keyboards. I currently use Logitech's illuminated keyboard and the wireless T650 touchpad. They both have some weaknesses, but I quite like them. The touchpad in particular helped alleviate some incipient RSI issues in my wrist and elbow. My criticism of this keyboard is two fold: I prefer backlighting and I want the full number pad.

All in all, it looks like the bigger brother to Logitech's k400 wireless keyboard.


Arthur Dent

This looks perfect for a media centre PC, I might pick one up if I see it on sale.


John Pombrio

I bought the standalone Logitech USB touchpad, about the same size as the touchpad on this keyboard. I returned it. It sounded like a great idea but had a lot going against it. It was ludicrously less accurate than a mouse and trying to do something as simple as closing a window was frustrating. scrolling down a web page was also hard to control while a mousewheel is so much more precise. As for swiping, I had to either take my hand off the mouse (which can scroll better and more accurately) or the keyboard. As for pinch and zoom on a regular sized monitor, rarely if ever used.
Clicking and dragging? Good luck with that as I never was able to do it successfully.

Don't expect much at all from the touchpad and you will not be disappointed.



Why has no one come up with the hybrid keyboard?

I love this keyboard idea and can see it being very useful in the living room, but I wish I could plug it in and charge it/use it via usb when I don't need wireless capability.

Would it really be that hard or more expensive to make a keyboard that does both?

Give me that and a cordless mouse that charges through a wired mousepad and I'd buy it would be a no brainer for me. Replacing batteries so often (or even charging them) kills wireless for me.



They've existed for quite a while; you just haven't seen them.
For the most part, they're by lower-end companies like Inland.
There is one ultra-high-end hybrid that I know of, but it's wired-only and for good reason. The DeathStalker Ultimate by Razer is a mechanical keyboard with the OLED touchpad and buttons from their Blade Pro laptop. But it's two and a half times the price of Logitech's boardpad.



The Keyboard looks nice but what puts me down is that it does not have Backlit keys (this is one aspect I always look for on keyboards other than the layout of the keys and the feel)



Nice keyboard for a steam box or living room pc.



And that's the type of PC keyboard setup where WIn8 might make a bit of sense to me. I think MS made a mistake. Instead of replacing the desktop with metro they should of replaced Media center with it.