Logitech Z323 Review



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Still love my Logitech Z-2300's after all these years.



I've seen these speakers for $40 at Target and other local stores. Looks like good budget speakers.



It's a shame Logitech Z-4's are so hard to come by nowadays. I snagged a set when they were also at $70 and they perform a ton better than the Z323 in this review. Larger sub, 10 more watts RMS, and a dedicated volume control pod w/ input/output... It was so much more for the same price. Newegg still lists them at $70, but it's out of stock almost everywhere.

Also, I found it much more effective to turn them around at a wall, or even an empty room and get "ghetto omnidirectional" speakers that sound less like voices and music are coming at you from two narrow angles. I don't think you can do it with the Z323's if there's a driver in the back...


The Mac

i love my corsair SP2500

Nothing ive ever heard comes close at that pricepoint.


John Pombrio

I have 3 very pricy Logitech 5.1 speaker systems in the basement. Instead, all computer systems I put together now use Cooler Master Storm Sirius 5.1 headphones using USB. They work great for movies, games, and for most folks, music. They also take up little room and keep the Db levels down in the house.



am i the only one who has his computer connected to a full 7.1 home theater system? before that it was a 5.1 home theater system. i understand that compared to the z323, a 7.1 system is a more expensive option, but there are plenty of pricier 2.1 systems out there. those never made much sense to me.



The pricier 2.1 systems are there for those who value sound quality more than imaging. In my opinion a quality stereo or 2.1 system is more pleasing than an inexpensive 5.1 or 7.1 system. I prefer music to gaming so sound quality comes before sound presence. I'm loving my Grado headphones I got for my birthday. Best $80 ever! Different strokes for different folks.


Mad Mort

Which Grados are you talking about? 80s or 60s? I've been thinking about getting some too. Mostly to listen to music.



Would you say these are superior to the Genius 2.1 system that was reviewed some time back? You guys seemed to love that system and it was only $50.