Logitech G502 Proteus Core Gaming Mouse Packs a Customizable 12,000 DPI Sensor



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3310 certified? Overclockers.net seems to be saying so, but of course Logitech leave that detail out of the specs and rely on the bullshit and hype. Why not just fricking tell us what sensor it's using so we can know if it's any good?



Redragon Mammoth, might be discontinued:


AULA Ghost Shark, $27 and great for grown man hands:


And probably the single best mouse design since the Intellimouse Optical, The Etekcity M555, a whopping $14:


I can't see paying $80 for another mouse ever again. The quality isn't there to back up those inflated prices.



Sorry but I don't know how many hours you put in a day or week or month but I need hard metal and good plastic that won't squeak me to death or break under my monster hands. Pay cheap get cheap. I got a friend who was buying mice for $30 and under. Every single one broke and he games hard daily.

I bought 2 Corsair M60 over 2 years ago and it doesn't make a sound and still keeps going after nearly 8k hours and how many clicks I haven't a clue. I refuse to buy anything without some form of metal in the frame.

I am not claiming the mice you listed do not do as built I just can't trust all plastic and especially at those price points. Maybe I am stupid and buy into hype but I at least have metal under my hand, not many can say that about their mice.



Sharp looking mouse. Looks a lot more aggressive than the g602. I have gotten so used to my G700 and 4 thumb-button placement, that I can't really live without it anymore. If this had 2 more buttons on the side I would buy it. Wish they would do a refresh of the G700 with better battery life. Also like the wireless option on the G700 as I have never had any lag or tracking issues with it. My G602 feels floaty in comparison to my G700 and has become more of a mutimedia/web surfing mouse.



I'm pretty sure that the primary use for 12K DPI is trolling anyone you invite to play Surgeon Simulator 2013 on your PC.

Having said that, there's still a very good chance that this will be the mouse I replace my G9(non-X) with. I do like where they moved the dpi buttons to, and I like the extra sniper/DPI-shift button.



While 12K DPI is so overkill it's ridiculous, I'm curious to see how this newfangled sensor tech is supposed to perform. MAXPC let's review this!



It's about time they at least TRY to replace the much-loved G9x. Gamers want wired mice. I really like my G602 wireless mouse ergonomics and feel better than the G9x, but it's nowhere near as accurate.



I figure I'm going to stick with my G9x. Sucks though that the replacement price of them has gone nuts since logitech discountinued production.