Logitech Unveils Trio of Touch-friendly Peripherals for Windows 8

Paul Lilly

Get ready to grope your hardware, provided you're a fan of Logitech products and didn't read that statement out of context. We're not talking about doing anything inappropriate at your workplace, we're referring to Logitech's three new touch-friendly peripherals for Windows 8 , including the Logitech Wireless Rechargeable Touchpad T650, Logitech Touch Mouse T620, and Logitech Zone Touch Mouse T400.

"This new family of products takes the traditional mouse functionality you’re used to and optimizes it for the navigation experience offered by Windows 8," said Mike Culver , vice president of brand development for consumer computing platforms at Logitech. "Our new mice and touchpad replicate the touch-screen experience that you’ve grown accustomed to on smartphones and tablets. With Windows 8 now offering up a similar touch experience, our products give you quick, easy and dynamic access to the core elements of the new interface."

All three products are designed to be an extension of Windows 8 on your physical desktop so that you can interact with the Windows 8 Style UI without groping your monitor. Perhaps the most intriguing is the Touchpad T650 . It connects to your computer via USB or with a wireless dongle. It supports Windows 8 gestures, so even if your monitor doesn't support touch, you can still perform functions like pinch-to-zoom and three-finger swiping (to return to the Start screen). The Touchpad T650 will be available later this month for $80 MSRP.

Logitech's Touch Mouse T620 sports a full touch-surface with support for fix touch gestures. It too communicates via 2.4GHz wireless. The MSRP is $70.

Finally, the Touch Mouse T400 is more in the style of a traditional mouse, but with a dedicated touch zone area with support for three touch actions. There's a rubber grip wrapping and a glass touch-surface. Like the other two devices, this one will launch this month, but with an MSRP of $50.

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