Logitech Unveils New G300 Gaming Mouse

Brad Chacos

When it comes to gaming mice, the " Best PC Part I Ever Spent My Hard Earned Cash On Contest " proved that Maximum PC readers are gaga for R.A.T. Mice. and who can blame you? We love it too. But Logitech's not letting all the Cyborg love get in the way of their releases. The company just announced it has a mouse up its sleeve, too, in the form of the upcoming Logitech Gaming Mouse G300.

The Logitech Gaming Mouse G300 might not have the sheer badass look of the R.A.T. line, but it offers plenty of other features – like buttons. Scads of programmable buttons!

"It features nine programmable buttons that are carefully placed to be easily reachable, but also out of the way when you don’t need them," Global Product Marketing Manager Chris Pate said in the blog post announcing the new mouse . "Out of the box there are three onboard profiles are configured with basic MMO, FPS, and productivity settings, and illuminated areas near the thumb glow red, blue, or green to let you know which one you’re using."

Want some stats? The mouse measures in at a scant 112mm long x 73mm wide x 35m high and only weighs around a quarter pound. It sports a 2500 dpi optical sensor and an ambidextrous design, while customization options abound with the use of Logitech's Gaming Software, which lets you change almost every aspect of the device. The changes store in the onboard profiles, so if you bring your mouse to a buddy's house, your custom configuration remains intact.

Sound intriguing? You can preorder the Logitech Gaming Mouse G300 on Logitech's website for $40.


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