Logitech Introduces a Touch Mouse App for Wireless PC or Mac Control

Maximum PC Staff

Attitudes about the iPod Touch and the iPhone can be distilled into two groups: (1) It’s a grossly overpriced unitasker; or (2) it’s a brilliant multitasker that’s well worth the price. And reactions to Logitech’s newly introduced Touch Mouse will perfectly illustrate this dichotomy.

Logitech’s free application for the iPhone and Touch allows users of PCs and Macs to control their computer from their device. It mimics a laptop touchpad, complete with mouse button input. Plus, its got a keyboard option. It’s a small keyboard, to be sure, but it does display the text you type on the iPhone or Touch. Logitech’s offering is a natural fit for those connecting their computer to their TV . You can sit back and relax, without having to drag along a keyboard and mouse, or buy an expensive, sole-purpose peripheral.

Logitech’s Touch Mouse joins other touchpad/mouse apps for the iPhone and Touch, such as Gabriel Höhener’s WeBe Bluetooth Mouse, R.P.A. Tech’s Air Mouse Pro, and JumiTech’s JumiMouse. One advantage for Logitech’s app is the price--it's free.

But, depending on where you stand, this app makes the iPhone/Touch an outrageously expensive wireless keyboard and mouse, or it makes the iPhone/Touch an infinitely adaptable device that is worth every penny you paid for it.

Image Credit: Logitech

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