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Logitech G9x

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The best sensor we've ever tested. On-the-fly sensitivity adjustment. Driver-less profiles.

Stuart Little

The satiny texture of the Wide Load shell gets sweaty & gross after long sessions.

We didn't like the original G9, but we were wrong

When we first reviewed the original Logitech G9 (November 2007), we didn’t like it. Specifically, we thought it was uncomfortable to hold, using either of the removable shells. In fact, we described it as “not particularly comfortable for day-to-day mousing” before complaining that it was unsuitable for people who use a traditional palming grip.

We were wrong. After we made a few small adjustments to our grip, we fell in love with the G9—at least when using the grippy palm-friendly Precision body. We still don’t like the smooth grip—dubbed Wide Load—and we’re generally not fans of having to adjust our grip to suit a mouse, but the smooth response and power-gamer-friendly features that the G9x delivers make this mouse the best we’ve ever tested.

The Logitech G9x upgrades the mouse's sensor, but the rest of the mouse stays the same.

For the most part, the G9x and the original G9 are identical. The removable shells are the same, the internal weighting system accommodates up to 28 grams of weight, the onboard memory stores up to five profiles, and the scroll wheel switches between crazy-fast click-free scrolling to a more traditional click-to-click scroll at the press of a button. The only difference between the original G9 and the new G9x is its enhanced laser sensor.

Replacing the original G9’s variable-sensitivity, 3,200dpi laser sensor is a 5,000dpi laser sensor, for true twitch gamers. At the highest sensitivity settings, moving the mouse a fraction of an inch will blast the cursor across the screen—giving you an edge in fast-paced shooters or RTS games where you need to cover a lot of ground quickly. Want to slow it down for a little sniping? Crank the mouse down as low as 200dpi on the fly, using the sensitivity adjustment buttons directly below the left mouse button. The mouse updates Windows up to 1,000 times per second, for accurate cursor movement no matter how fast you move it.

In its naked, shell-off form, you can see the G9x's removable weight tray. Whether you prefer a light or heavy rodent, you can have it your way.

As before, we love the G9x’s profile feature, which lets you switch between pre-configured profiles on the fly on any PC, whether you have Logitech’s software installed or not (you will need to have Logitech’s software installed to configure the profiles initially, though). The on-mouse LEDs change color based on the profile you’re using, so you won’t accidentally find yourself in your RTS shooter profile when you fire up Left 4 Dead.

As with the G9, the seams between the G9x’s removable shells and the main mouse body get pretty crusty over a long period of time. But everything else about this mouse—from the braided cord to its pair of thumb buttons—is awesome.


Logitech G9x

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