Logitech G600 Mouse Brings 20 Buttons to the MMO LAN Party

Paul Lilly

Logitech is rolling out a new addition to its G-Series gaming lineup, the G600 MMO Gaming Mouse, which features a whopping 20 buttons, including 12 thumb buttons plopped into groups of six "on a meticulously designed thumb panel." There are three default profiles to choose from, two of which are best suited for MMO games and and the other for general gaming, in case you want take a break from World of Warcraft and change things up with Battlefield 3 or the like.

The thumb panel is supposed to be easy to reach so you never have to look away from where the action is, but if you do, it should be easy to spot the button you're looking for courtesy of customizable LED backlighting.

As for the laser sensor, Logitech rates the resolution at 200 to 8200 dpi (you can change it on-the-fly), image processing at 11.25 megapixels per second, max acceleration at 25G, and max speed of up to 160 inches per second. Other features include a G-Shift function (assign it to a button to double the number of functions on all the others), braided USB cable, and low-friction feet.

The Logitech G600 MMO Gaming Mouse will be available in July for $80. It comes in black or white.

Image Credit: Logitech

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