Logitech G5


The original laser mouse—the wireless MX1000—is still one of our all-time favorite mice. And this one’s even better. It uses the same laser sensor as the MX1000, but integrates the on-the-fly, driverless sensitivity shifting that first appeared on the MX518 earlier this year. That’s just sassy.

It’s difficult to describe how incredibly smooth the G5’s action is. When used with a Teflon-coated mousepad, it’s the nearest thing to frictionless you’ll find this side of Dupont. The mouse glides effortlessly across the surface, tracking with pixel-perfect precision. Its surface is slightly textured for easy grip, and all six buttons are well placed for in-game action. We especially like that Logitech grouped the sensitivity buttons below the scroll wheel, instead of placing one above and one below.

We dig the tilting scroll wheel—although we still haven’t found a game that really uses the feature—and we love the sensitivity setting display. The three-bar display lets you know whether you have the mouse set to über-fast or molasses-slow. That’s pretty neat, in a whiz-bang kinda way, but our favorite feature is the weight compartment on the mouse’s underside. With 16 included weights, and room for eight in the mouse’s weight tray, you can add weight to emulate the satisfying heft that the batteries in a wireless mouse deliver. That we like.

Our only complaint is that Logitech removed the second thumb button, something we find eminently useful for push-to-talk and other secondary features. But we’re willing to forgive this one tiny flaw on an otherwise spectacular product.
-- Will Smith

Month Reviewed: Holiday 2005

Verdict: 9

+ Lifting weights: Sensitivity-shifting sensor, weighted design, and nifty woven cable.

- Gaining weight: Where's the second thumb button?

URL: www.logitech.com

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