Logitech CEO Reveals Scale Of Google TV Blunder

Ryan Whitwam

At a recent conference, Logitech CEO Guerrino De Luca had some pretty harsh words for one if the company’s won products. Of the Logitech Revue, De Luca said they made serious mistakes that caused the company to lose over $100 million. He went on to refer to the holiday 2010 launch as, “a mistake of implementation of a gigantic nature." The kicker is that Logitech is out of the Google TV game; there will be no sequel for the Revue.

De Luca said they expected the devices to be a hot holiday season item, so they made far more boxes than originally planned. But the software proved to be much more ‘beta’ than expected, and Google toned down the marketing push going into CES. Logitech found itself with a large number of unsold Revue units sitting in warehouses, orphaned as it were.

The Logitech CEO did have a few nice things to say about Google TV. he sees no reason that Google TV can’t be great somewhere down the line, but his company won’t be going along for the ride. Any Google TV owners out there that disagree with De Luca?

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