Lockheed Martin Unveils High-security USB Drive

Ryan Whitwam

Defense company Lockheed Martin usually focuses on building advanced aircraft, missiles, and bits of spacecraft. This makes their newest venture all the more baffling. Lockheed Martin is partnering with IronKey to deliver a line of super secure USB thumb drives . The so called “IronClad” USB keys will apparently come with a custom software package you won’t find anywhere else.

IronKey flash drives have been available for some time using 256-bit AES encryption along with an additional layer of 128-bit AES hardware encryption. Details on how the Lockheed Martin version will differ are a bit nebulous right now, but it will reportedly include IronKey encryption, built-in virus protection, at least 8GB of storage, and security oriented network applications. No pricing is available yet, but considering that a regular 8GB IronKey goes for around $150, we can probably assume this won’t be an impulse buy.

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