Locked Bootloader on Transformer Prime has Modding Community Miffed at Asus

Paul Lilly

Android modders have hit the ground running in 2012 with a call to arms after discovering that Asus is using an encrypted booloader on its Eee Pad Transformer Prime, effectively preventing users from easily rooting and modifying their swank new slate. It's not an unprecedented move by Asus, but typically manufacturers refrain from locking down Wi-Fi only tablets, reserving the practice primarily for smartphones.

Over on the XDA forums -- a popular hangout for modders -- user "Worldwisewiz" announced the discovery and is asking other users to stand united and hold Asus' feet to the fire in hopes the company will reverse course, a tactic that was successful against HTC in the past. The plan is to use social media to pressure Asus into unlocking the Transformer Prime.

"We need you to tweet and comment!," Worldwisewiz posted on XDA's forums.

The post links users to a Suggestion page at Asus and implorers fellow modders to email the CFO , sign a petition , post on Asus' Facebook page , and to voice their frustration via Twitter.

Even if the campaign is unsuccessful, it's likely hackers will figure out a way to mod the device anyway, though it may take some time. Additionally, whatever vulnerability they decide to exploit could be patched up in a future update, preventing root until another workaround is discovered.

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