Live Out Your DJ Fantasies with Gemini's FirstMix USB DJ Controller

Paul Lilly

Think you and your buddy "Dragon" could have been as popular as DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince, if only you had the right gear back in the day? Now's your chance to find out if you could have been a whiz behind the turntable, or if you made the right choice by going to law school. All you need is a PC and a free USB port.

Gemini, a division of GCI Technologies and a specialist in modern DJ gear, just unveiled its FirstMix USB DJ Controller for wannabe DJs. The supposedly easy-to-use controller sports two touch-sensitive jog wheels so you can scratch those funky beats without tearing up your vinyl collection.

"We took many of the best features from our Gemini professional DJ products and integrated them into FirstMix for anyone who is interested in a fun and easy way to get started in digital DJ," says Mark Wilder , Vice President of Marketing for GCI Technologies. "FirstMix lets you ‘scratch’ right out of the box and gives you the tools you need to put together a great party mix."

The FirstMix USB DJ Controller lets you mix songs, add groovy effects, play music in reverse, adjust the bass and treble, and of course record your creations. You'll find the controller in music and electronic stores in May for $80.

Image Credit: Gemini

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