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I'm not sure if anyone's mentioned this yet (couldn't find anything in the forums), but the Ubuntu site is misprinted in the mag article; instead of .org; is apparently a "civil society" organization, w/e that is, lol. Anyways, the download link here is fine. Just FYI ;).



When trying to install Ubuntu using your instructions, I get a 'Failed to start the X server' message, with advanced info showing 'Fatal server error: no screens found'. I have tried in safe mode but get the same result. I tried using the fglrx driver using these instructions - - but this did not help. I am running a Gateway CX210X Tablet with a Centrino Duo and an ATI X1400 graphics card. Any suggestions? Thanks!



Hi h4zard:

Try this:

edit your xorg.conf file -
cd /etc/X11
sudo pico xorg.conf

Scroll down and under "Device" section add:
Option "UseDisplayDevice" "DFP"

Save the file - ctl-x, yes, [enter]

Try rebooting at this point. You may have to run the xorg reconfigure program - the command is at the bottom of the intro of xorg.conf.

GL, heartdoc


Neon Samurai

I have issues with the ATI 9600. The community module (driver) works but does not suppor the AIW's tv tuner chip. The ATI binary blob is supposed to support all functions but gives me about 250 fps. I have to try the june HOWTO though still since it may be my missing the "-Xv" part.

Search google for "Ubuntu Linux x1400" or the exact error as recommended in the article.



You should try the text-based alternate installer. That will let you get far enough to install the ATI drivers, which will then let you run the GUI.

ATI's Linux drivers are not so hot.



Well I kinda can, but it takes like 30 minutes and then says error, and something about GIMP or some GUI thing. Long story short doesn't work. Can't wait for July's issue :).


the slayer

Yah, mine says something about a GUI error also, does anyone know what that means?



If you guys run into problems, it'd probably be better to post in the forum. It really is a lot more suited to troubleshooting messages. Check out alt.os.abode.


Neon Samurai

Your BIOS should offer a setting for the order it boots; hard drive, floppy, cdrom. Chaing it too; cdrom, harddrive, floppy or whatever puts cdrom before hard drive. If your BIOS/Mobo is too old, it may not boot from CD but that it would have to be really old. If the CD/DVD still won't boot, reburn the .ISO while watching incase your software has some sort of "burn bootable disk" setting.


Neon Samurai

It won't be about GIMP, it'll be about X and a GUI error of some sort. What's the specific error or what is your video card? You should find an answer with google by searching "ubuntu linux [graphics card model or chip]". You can also post to the forums. I'd recommend my usual stomping grounds but I'm too new here to be name-dropping.

In my case, I've an ATI 9600. So far, it works better under the Linux community module (driver) than the ATI binary blob but I have to have another go after this month's brief HOWTO.