Linux Users Come Out of the Woodwork in Latest Steam Hardware Survey

Paul Lilly

The number of Linux users on Steam more than doubled last month.

Fearing Microsoft will build a walled garden around Windows 8, Valve co-founder Gabe Newell begain focusing Steam development on Linux , and that effort is starting to show up in the real world. To wit, the latest Steam Hardare Survey reveals that Linux usage on Steam has more than doubled in February, jumping from 0.8 percent a month prior to 2.02 percent currently.

That's a tiny fraction of the overall userbase dominated by Microsoft's Windows platform, but it underscores the growth potential in the open source community. What's more, it serves as confirmation that Newell's strategy is a solid one, even if his disdain for Windows 8 is over the top.

The vast majority of Steam users are running Windows 7, with 69.31 percent using either the 64-bit or 32-bit version of Microsoft's previous generation operating system (OS). That's followed by Windows 8 at 9.63 percent, while Windows XP still maintains a presence with a 9.33 percent share of the userbase.

Do you use Steam? If so, which OS do you play Steam games on?

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