Linux Kernel 3.1 Brings Support for OpenRisc, NFC and Wiimotes

Pulkit Chandna

Linus Torvalds on Monday announced the release of Linux Kernel 3.1 at the ongoing Kernel summit in Prague. The latest stable version of the Linux Kernel was preceded by as many as ten release candidates. With still trying to recover from the security breach it suffered in August, Linux Kernel 3.1 is the first release to be hosted on code hosting service GitHub.

This release adds support for 32-bit OpenRisc 1000 processors, near-field communication technology and Nintendo Wii Remote. So just for the record, the Linux Kernel now supports two of the most popular motion-sensing peripherals out there: Microsoft Kinect and Wii Remote. Here is the complete list of the most significant features in the latest stable release of the Linux Kernel:

  • OpenRISC Support
  • Dynamic writeback throttling
  • Filesystem barriers enabled by default in Ext3
  • Support for Near-Field Communication
  • Slab allocator speedups
  • VFS Scalability improvements
  • New iSCSI implementation
  • cpupowerutils
  • Software RAID: Bad block management
  • Personality to report 2.6.x version numbers
  • Wii Controller support

But that’s not all. Linux Kernel 3.1 packs a whole host of other enhancements that are listed here .

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