LinkedIn Addresses Lawsuit Alleging Email Hacking



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I don't know. I get "endorsements" from people I know, but I'm sure they don't even know what I do, and have never looked at my profile.



Sounds like common everyday email spoofing the spammers do to try and get you to click on things.

Email you send is highly insecure and it's easy for the spammers to sniff your traffic. Note the to, from, cc and topics and use those to send spam with the veneer of legitimacy.



I find it funny that tons of Android Apps do the same thing, & almost Nobody complains about that.



The scumbag PR guy doesn't even try to say that they don't do what they're accused of, just that they don't do it without permission. It will probably come to light that their "permission" comes from one of those terms-of-use click-throughs where they claim license to change the terms at any time in the future. If they believed and were concerned about "misinformation" about their product, they should've taken initiative and addressed it long before it came to class action lawsuits.



Huh? Did you read the same article I did?

Not only did he unequivocally state that the claims were false: "Quite simply, this is not true..." he further made it clear that they only access email addresses if given permission. i.e. to invite other people.