LinkedIn Surpasses 200 Million Members Milestone

Paul Lilly

Out of 200 million LinkedIn members, 74 million reside in the U.S.

LinkedIn likes to tout itself as the world's largest professional network on the Internet, and it's not just lip service. Having now achieved more than 200 million members around the world, LinkedIn is a seriously large social network, professional or otherwise. Let's put it into perspective. If LinkedIn were a country, it would have the 5th largest population in the world.

In a press release announcing the milestone, LinkedIn pointed out that it's added more than 13 million members since its last announcement just over two months ago.

"Since reaching 100 million members in March 2011, LinkedIn has added 13 new languages, making the site available in 19 languages," LinkedIn stated. "Today, LinkedIn counts more than 160 million unique monthly visitors and is the 23rd most visited Web property in the world. Currently, more than 64 percent of LinkedIn members are located outside the United States."

Be that as it may, out of any single territory, the U.S. is home to the most LinkedIn members at 74 million. That's followed by India (18 million), the U.K. and Brazil (11 million each), and Canada (7 million).

According to LinkedIn, the fastest growing countries are Turkey, Columbia, and Indonesia. These and other stats are available in an infographic that LinkedIn SVP of product and user experience, Deep Nishar, embedded into a blog post .

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