Lindsay Lohan Smacks Take-Two with Lawsuit Over Character in Grand Theft Auto V

Paul Lilly

Lohan takes exception to a character in GTA V that bears her likeness

At only age 28 years old, Lindsay Lohan has gone from that adorable child actress who starred in Disney's remake of The Parent Trap to an adult who's been in trouble with the law on more than one occasion. She's had her share of legal issues, but this time she's the one suing -- Lohan is taking Take-Two Interactive and subsidiary Rockstar Games to court for allegedly using her likeness for an in-game character in Grand Theft Auto V .

According to the Associated Press , Lohan's lawsuit contends that the character named Lacey Jonas is a dead ringer for the actress who had roles in Herbie: Fully Loaded and Freaky Friday, to name just two of her past films. The suit claims it copied just about everything -- her image, voice, and even her style from her clothes line.

The game also features the hotel Chateau Marmont in West Hollywood, a place where Lohan lived during the summer in 2012 and was ultimately banned from for allegedly running up an unpaid bill of $46,000.

GTA V launched in September of last year and generated over $800 million in sales on the first day. It will ship to the PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4 this fall.

Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons

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