For Limited Time, Adobe Offers Photoshop CC, Lightroom, and 20GB Storage to Everyone for $10/month



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I checked the comments over at the verge and engadget and everybody seems to hate it.

Personally I like it a lot. I switched from digikam to lightroom (currently using a trial) for my processing and I really like it.

Since I'm a new user I would have to pay 129.15 €. This buys me exactly one year of PP which is 12.29€ /month for me (lucky us in the eu) and it also gives me photoshop (which I would never be able to afford or justify since photography is just a hobby for me).

I'm pretty sure that after one year LR6 will be around which would incur an upgrade tax if you buy a standalone license.

So at least for me, as a new user it makes a lot of sense because I only pay what I would have payed anyway and get PS thrown in.



No software-renting or recurring subscription fees for my ass because I'm on my way to a Happy Adobe-Free World of computing here. I don't even need (or want anymore) Audition for a DAW. There's more than a few great alternatives. As far as photo editors go (I'm no "pro" there) we are starting to see decent alternatives. Hopefully GIMP steps it up and those with access to OS X have Pixelmator 3.0 which is pretty decent IME.



I don't care if they offer it for 1 cent a month, I'm not paying a monthly fee to use photoshop. I'll stick with CS3, thank you.



"All tallied, the bundle is worth $10/year."

There, I fixed that for you.