Limited Edition Tron Controller for Xbox 360 Looks Rad

Paul Lilly

It's a shame there were only 250 " Collector's Edition Tron Wireless Controller " devices ever made, because the thing looks f'in awesome. On the bright side, it's not grossly overpriced (it runs $50), despite the limited edition run.

According to the product description, "this controller represents Clu, the current dictator of the Tron world, and the The Black Guard, his elite fighting force." Orange accents light up and run across the top and bottom portions, while the Tron logo sits on the bottom middle.

It also comes with rubber grips sporting a soft-touch finish, and none of it looks gaudy, at least from the pictures we've seen.

Are you as infatuated with the design as we are? If so, keep your eyes peeled. will offer up the limited edition controller as a Web exclusive in "late December."

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