LightSquared Claims to Have Fix for GPS Woes

Ryan Whitwam

LightSquared has been in the news a lot in the past few months, but not for the reasons they probably would have liked. The company hopes to build a national 4G LTE network that they can charge cellular carriers to use. The only problem is that the bands used by LightSquared have been shown to interfere with GPS signals. After much hand-wringing, LightSquared now claims to have a fix ready .

LightSquared is licensed to use 59MHz around the 1500MHz band, but the lower 10MHz is right up against some of the spectrum used by sensitive GPS equipment. According to the company, they are working with Javad GNSS to develop a method for retrofitting existing and new GPS equipment. With a series of inexpensive GPS filters and linear amplifiers, LiightSquared has been reporting success with preventing interference.

LightSquared will not have to make any changes to its network under this plan, and they say the necessary changes to GPS will be very inexpensive. LightSquared is licensed to use the bands, so the GPS industry may have no choice but to implement the changes.

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