Lights, Camera, Action: THQ Releases 12 Minutes of Gorgeous Metro: Last Light Footage

Maximum PC Staff

Metro 2033 was many things – atmospheric, frightening, jaw-droppingly gorgeous – but it wasn't perfect. Enter Metro: Last Light. 4AGames is going all out with the sequel to its underground hit, and it's dropped a whopping 12-minute gameplay demo to prove it. To be sure, this demo's a bit heavier on the slow-mo gunsplosions than 2033, but 4AGames assures us that the final game will still pack just as many gritty, grimy sense-engulfing moments of pure immersion as its predecessor. So then – no longer burdened by that burning question – grab some popcorn, sit back, and consider building a blast shield around your socks. They are, after all, liable to get blown off. Check out the full thing after the break!

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