LibreOffice Headed to iOS and Android

Paul Lilly

Does the name Tor Lillqvist sound familiar? If you use the free photo manipulation software known as GIMP on your Windows box in place of Adobe's costly Photoshop suite, you have Lillqvist to thank. He's the SUSE programmer responsible for porting GIMP to Windows and was hired by Novell to do the same with its Evolution software, and now he's turning his attention to LibreOffice.

The Document Foundation, which heads up the LibreOffice project, announced in a blog post its intention of bringing LibreOffice to iOS and Android based on the voluntary work of Lillqvist. The objective is to bring "the office suite to iPads and Android tablets, and eventually smaller devices."

There's still much work to be done on the user interface, but the bulk of the code is already compiled, The Document Foundation said. As it stands, LibreOffice on iOS and Android should ship sometime in late 2012 or early 2013.

LibreOffice is a free alternative to Microsoft's Office suite and it continues to gain traction around the world. The French government, for example, recently switched about half a million desktops from OpenOffice to LibreOffice, a move that increased LibreOffice's Windows footprint by 5 percent, The Document Foundation claims.

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